Gram Visits Nesin Maths Village


Check out this blog post – along with videos – of our seminar & workshop in Nesin Maths Village!

Voices of 2Tons


Check out this blog post from the makers of one of our 2Tons games, Slidey, to hear all about it!

Cache Miss and Data Locality


Programmers working in the gaming industry are proud people. And they (the good ones at least) have the right to be. It’s a hard job.

Gram Launches Bounzy! and Merge Dragons!


If you can’t tell: here at Gram, we’ve had a pretty exciting couple of months.

Drinking Game Jam!


Our London and Istanbul teams got together for a special kind of game jam… Check out the video!

Merge Dragons! & Bounzy! Launch Bash!


Here at Gram Games, we’ve got to admit – we’ve had a pretty exciting month.

Merge Dragons! is One Week Old!


We here at Gram Games were thrilled to announce the global iOS release of our first ever IAP title out of our new London HQ: Merge Dragons!.

Interview with Balkan


Check out this interview with one of the designers behind Bounzy!, Balkan!

Bounzy! Live on Android and iOS


We are beyond happy to announce that our newest title, Bounzy!, is live, worldwide, on iOS and Android!

Happy Father’s Day!


Check out this video about the Dads of Gram, and how each and everyone of our fathers have helped us. Happy Father’s Day!