2Tons Gathering #6

As a lot of you know, we here at Gram, as a studio founded on indie development, love to give back to the indie community. A few years back, we launched the 2Tons Accelerator Program, aimed at supporting those who, like us, want to make a mark in the mobile gaming world. Since then, we’ve met and supported dozens of inspiring indie developers, making all sorts of addictive, entertaining games. 

An important  – and fun – part of this program are the meet ups! Once in a while, we invite all of our 2Tons participants (and aspiring participants) to come into the Gram studio, and talk shop. We get together with them, and talk about game design, game ideas – whatever they want to discuss, whatever questions they have! It’s great to see everyone bouncing their ideas off of each other, and to help each other develop, grow, and learn. Plus, it’s always inspiring to see the game ideas that are floating around out there!


Check out this video of our sixth gathering, and if you have a dream game you want to make into a reality, apply to be a part of our 2Tons program here.