BUG Lab Meets Gram Games

If you follow anything we do at Gram Games, you might have noticed that while we love making great games, we love giving back and sharing those games with the world even more. So, last week, in the spirit of sharing what we do, we invited the Bahcesehir University Game Lab (otherwise known as BUG Game Lab) to our Istanbul office.

The event was aimed to give these students – all masters students in the University’s gaming program – an inside look into how we, at Gram, go about making great games. We started out with a presentation by one of our designers, Derin, who went over the Gram Games process, from start to finish. We then moved onto another one of our designers, Mark, who gave a workshop on the MVP design process.

Following the more general overviews, we moved into the specifics of the process: a workshop on Store Conversion by Art by one of our artists, Abdullah, an in-depth workshop on Game Analytics by our Data Scientist, Can, an overview of Game Development by one of our developers, Oguz, and a workshop on UI/UX design by our in-house UI/UX Artist, Faruk. We then gave the attendees the chance to explore the office, play a little ping pong, and ask our team any questions they still had.

Making great games is incredible, but even more valuable is the experience of sharing knowledge of game design and development with people aspiring to be in the industry. We love hosting events like the BUG Workshop, and can’t wait to host more in the future. Check out this video of the event, and get in touch if you’d like to be involved in the future!