A Day in the Life of an Intern

Here at Gram we, well, we love our interns. Every couple of months, we bring a few new aspiring game designers, artists, or developers into our team, and teach them as much as we can. But a Gram internship isn’t really a typical internship – you’re not fetching coffee, that’s for sure. We want everyone we bring through the door to learn as much as they possibly can, and to feel fully a part of the Gram family. As with everyone here at Gram, we want our interns to feel that they can be themselves, that they can put themselves out there, and that they can work to develop great games.

And so we wanted to introduce all of you to our current design intern, Doğacan. Coming off of a game design Master’s program in Toronto, Doğacan has fully jumped onto the Gram team, and has committed himself to learning as much as he can here. Plus, he’s pretty fun. Check out this video to learn a bit more about him and his experience, and check out http://gram.gs/join-us.html to see if we might have something that’s a fit for you!