Erin’s Talk at London Games Week

As you might have noticed, here at Gram, we’re pretty passionate about this little thing we call “The 22% Project.” A quick recap: the 22% project is an initiative we started here at Gram, in order to provide aspiring women with the resources and education necessary to get them into the gaming industry. The name was inspired by a statistic from the IGDA’s Game Developer Satisfaction survey – that nearly 50% of gamers are women, and just 22% of the gaming industry is comprised of women. We were shocked by this, and wanted to do something to close that gap. So, we launched the 22% project – more details can be found here and a summary of some of the coverage we’ve gotten can be found at GramBlog.

Last week, Gram was invited to sponsor W.In, the portion of London Games Week focusing on women in gaming. The event brought together women from all over – from Violet Berlin, to Ellie Gibson, to the Nerd Pirates, to representatives from across the games and entertainment industries. Our very own culture developer, Erin O’Brien, was asked to give an opening talk, where she highlighted the 22% project, the changing nature of jobs and its implications for women, and talked about the importance of bringing women into gaming. It was an amazing opportunity to see that many incredible women in one room, and to get a sense for how much potential and hope there is for women in the industry. As a company that wants to do everything it can to get more women into gaming, we felt lucky to be a part of W.In – can’t wait to see what great things happen next year!

Check out this picture of Erin at the event, and keep an eye and ear out for more 22% project events going forward!