Gram Launches Merge Town!

Good news, Merge! Fans – today marks the release of our newest Merge! Title, Merge Town! The game employs the same simple, easy to learn Merge mechanic you’ve all come to know and love, but with a couple of new twists! The game comes on the tails of our last release, Merge Dragons!, which came out earlier this summer (if you haven’t played it yet – get to merging!).


The concept of Merge Town! is simple, good for a momentary distraction, or hours upon hours of addictive entertainment. You are given a plot of land, and it’s your job to develop it into a town. Just like a mayor! In order to build houses, you’ve got to tap on the build box at the bottom of the screen, until a building appears on the board. Homes of all varieties can also be purchased from the app store using in-game currency, which you’ll earn from houses already built on the land. Once you’ve built multiple houses on the board, you can Merge them to form larger, more impressive homes.

The bigger the home, the more in-game currency you’ll earn. And the more a town develops, the more land it will unlock – that’ll give you more space to build more houses! From level eight onwards, you’ll be able to unlock and move into new towns, letting you build formidable metropolises!

Merge Town! has already drummed up some hype – both VentureBeat and Mobile Free to Play have typed up features on the game – check them out! You can also find some tips and tricks here and here! Go on and build your very own town!