Halloween at Gram!

It’s that time of the year again…Halloween! Time for spooky costumes, tons of candy, and maybe a few halloween-themed drinks every now and then. But most importantly, here at Gram Games, that means it’s time for another (epic) Gram Halloween party!

This year, in both of our offices, we pretty much went all out. There were spider webs, pumpkins, and decorations galore. We had spooky-themed dinners, and the drinks were flowing all night. Plus, the costumes! Our team took their creativity to the next level with some of their ideas.


In the lead up to the holiday, we also took a moment to ask the team about their dream halloween costumes – the results that came out of the interviews were interesting, to say the least.

Check out the photos of the Halloween celebration here, and be sure to get some costume inspiration from our team here. Happy halloween everybody!