Happy Father’s Day!

Here at Gram, we’re all about family. That’s why, this father’s day, we invited all of the Dads of Gram to bring their children to the office, show them around, and hang out for a bit. Above all else, we want all of the Gram team to feel just as comfortable here at work as they do at home – family is a part of that. We were so happy to see everyone bringing their children into their Gram life, and to have them running around and playing in the Gram office!

For so many of us, fathers are such an important part of who we are, how we’ve come to work at a place like Gram, and why we aspire to make great games. And we wanted to pay tribute to that. So, check out this video about the Dads of Gram, and how each and everyone of our fathers have helped us. Happy Father’s Day!