Merge Dragons! is One Week Old!

Nearly a week ago, we here at Gram Games were thrilled to announce the global iOS release of our first ever IAP title out of our new London HQ: Merge Dragons!. Since the release, hundreds of thousands of people have been brought into the Merge Dragons! community, and have begun fostering their dragons, growing their camps, and saving the Dragon Kingdom!

If you haven’t played it yet (you should!), the game, coming shortly after our last release, Bounzy!, is a fantastical puzzle adventure game. You are tasked with healing a magical land by harnessing the power of dragons, solving fun puzzles and building your camp to grow your dragons. All items in the game can be matched and merged to produce unique artifacts and create a variety of effects. There are dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers and dragons themselves – each and every one interacts with each other and helps you overcome mysterious puzzles.

There are over 500 items and artifacts around the realm for you to merge and discover – interact with and freely move them around to grow your powers. Collect dragons throughout the realm – they will help you on your journey. These magical dragons can be matched and merged through eight growth stages and evolved into new varieties.

As if things weren’t fun enough – there are over 600 quests for you to play through, making this one of the most epic puzzle games available for mobile. You can also repeat more than 100 levels, to generate power-ups and build your dragon camp. Looking for a new magical way to pass the time? Then check out Merge Dragons! – we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

The title has already garnered some pretty impressive coverage – check out these articles on, Gamasutra, and VentureBeat, and many others, to see what people think!

Here at Gram, we’re especially excited for this launch, because it marks our shift into the IAP realm. As a company that always looks to learn, always looks to innovate, and is constantly on the hunt for all things new and exciting, we’re thrilled to be entering a new genre. Check out the game, and let us know what you think – can you save the dragon realm?