A New Challenge for Gram

Here at Gram, we like to take our playfulness (okay, some might call it competitiveness) into the real world sometimes. So that’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago, with the annual Istanbul Marathon! Each year, thousands of runners line up at the first Istanbul bridge, and prep to run from Asia (one side of Istanbul) to Europe (the other side). It’s the one time you can do it, all year! This year, a part of the Gram team decided to join in, fully clad in Gram gear – a few of us ran the 15K portion of the race, while the rest opted to run the 10K.

The race took us all through the city, past historical sites, and cheering crowds. Though the running definitely took a toll on our bodies, the adrenaline and excitement was worth it – plus, it was great to accomplish something like that all together! Everyone in our group finished strong, and we all found each other in the crowds to head to a well-deserved brunch afterwards.


Check out this video of the marathon and stay tuned for next year – maybe we’ll even make it through the whole marathon!