A Message to the Gram Family...


The large table in our office is where we all eat together, like a family. It is at the core of our culture and the source of our bonds of friendship. Today we add a new seat to our table…

Formatting Big Numbers: The “aa” Notation


If you are dealing with big numbers in your game, you might have encountered the issue of properly formatting them.

Sushi Workshop


Yeah, you’ve probably had sushi before – but have you ever made it?

Movie Soundtrack Challenge


Yeah, most people love movies – but how well do you know the soundtracks to your favorite flicks?

Paint Tower! Launch Party


As you all might know (and if you don’t – get to playing!) we released our newest title, Paint Tower!, last month.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


What’re the three words you think of when you think of “Love”?

Table Tennis Tournament


A few months ago, we got a few new ping pong tables in our offices, which set of a proper wave of ping pong madness.

Global Game Jam 2018


Every January brings with it one of the most exciting weekends of the year for many of us here at Gram Games – the Global Game Jam!

Interview with Elias


Check out this interview with one of our game artists Elias about what he does here at Gram, and what he loves about the way we make games!

New Year’s Party & 2017 in...


To say that 2017 was a big year for Gram Games would be an understatement – we massively grew as a team and embarked on tons of fun adventures together!