Sushi Workshop

Yeah, you’ve probably had sushi before – but have you ever made it? Here at Gram, we were itching to learn how to make the yummy Japanese dish, so we reached out to the Japanese Cultural Center and the affiliated Cafe Bunka – here in Istanbul – to see if they might be able to teach us. They happily agreed and came to our office for an evening to show us how to make our very own sushi.

We started out with a simple salmon roll, and worked our way all the way up to rainbow rolls! To say we were surprised by what we were able to create with Cafe Bunka’s help would be an understatement – the rolls we ended up creating were incredible! It was a remarkable experience – made all the better by the fact that we got to snack on sushi as we went along. Thanks to Cafe Bunka for the experience! Check out a video of the event here.