Table Tennis Tournament

Just because we make mobile games, doesn’t mean we don’t take our competitive edge into the real world, every now and then. A few months ago, we got a few new ping pong tables in our offices, which set of a proper wave of ping pong madness. Team members who’d never played before put their heads down and trained, while seasoned players perfected their tips and techniques. Before long, our office had been swept up in ping pong fervor – so, of course, we decided to hold a tournament.

Things started out civil – a little good, friendly, competition – but it wasn’t long before things got heated. A few clear masters emerged, some were defeated, and underdogs pulled out ahead. The final match was a meeting of the greats – one of our developers, Erdinc, went head to head with Abdullah, one of our artists. Though it was close, and each had their shining moments, in the end, Abdullah pulled out ahead and emerged our champion.

Stay tuned for more suspense with our next office competition – and in the meantime, check out the video of this tournament here!