You are not alone.

Apply to our 2Tons Accelerator Program – let’s play a game together.

What is it?

2Tons Accelerator Program is Gram’s mobile games studio for independent game developers. Our roots are in indie developing, so we provide support to those who, like us, want to make a mark in the mobile games world.

Participation in the program gives you full access to the gram team’s expertise, knowledge, and resources – from solving technical problems, to the incorporation process, to game marketing, to promotion and advertisement support. We are here to help make you a success.

And the best part? We don’t expect any kind of financial commitment or revenue contract from you. Our only expectation – or better yet, our hope – is that we create an effective platform where developers, like you, can benefit from the experiences of others.

So, tl;dr- if you already have a game, or if you’re in the process of making one, apply to our 2Tons Accelerator Program. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.