1010! is a simple, addictive, endless, easy to learn and fun to
master puzzle game for all ages.

  • 1010! is available
    for free

A fun to master game

Removing lines of blocks never been more fun. 1010! promisses a simplistic gameplay that does not depend on complex elements like time limitations, speed ups or blocking pieces that you need to crack 10 times. Just drop blocks to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. 1010! promises a unique gameplay each time you play with its randomly generated blocks. You will face your own challenges while going for high scores.

1010! Timeline

  • Aug 2014 Project Start
  • Aug 2014 Project Start
  • Aug 2014 Soft Launch ( Turkey + UK)
  • Aug 2014 $20K Marketing Kickstart
  • Aug 2014 Apple Featured in Turkey MENA Russia (82 countries)
  • Aug 2014 Top 10 in Games category in 65 countries
  • Aug 2014 1M Installs
  • Aug 2014 2M Installs
  • Aug 2014 Branding
  • Aug 2014 5M Installs
  • Jun 2015 30 M Installs
  • Dec 2015 50 M Installs

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