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At Gram Games, we have one goal, and one passion: to have fun, and to turn that fun into top-notch games played by hundreds of millions of players around the world. Since our founding in 2012, we have worked to take that passion and build a company culture around it.

When it comes down to it, we believe that a great team is a product of two things: raw talent, and a great working environment. The better our team and our environment, the better our games. And the better our games, the more time and energy we can then invest in even further improving our company.

So, how have we done this? Basically, we’ve focused on some key factors we believe directly affect our company, and therefore the games we create open communication, encouraging constant data-driven iteration and innovation, pushing our teams to collaborate and learn from each other, and working hard in a fun, creative, comfortable environment. This has allowed us to build great games, to maintain a top-notch team, and to bring our games to the world. After all, we’re in the business of creating enjoyable, fulfilling titles - shouldn’t our team be happy fulfilled, too?

Emergence of our company


January 2013: Gram secures its first investment and begins work on "Robi: Cosmic Savior"

August 2013: Gram launches a third game, "Railroad Gangs," but despite new investment is not successful.

Fall 2014: Gram switches focus to casual puzzle games, with a premium on prototyping and testing quickly.

Fall 2014: 1010! emerges on a prototyping day, and is launched using the last of Gram's capital.

Fall 2014: 1010! is a hit, and Gram secures further investment from Hummingbird Ventures.

Fall 2014: Gram wins "Best Mobile Game" for "Railroad Gangs" at GameX 2014.

January 2015: Gram launches the 2Tons Acceleration program to offer support to indie game developers. The first 2Tons game is launched in March.

1010! takes over the world!

May 2015: Gram moves to a larger office on the water, encouraging further creativity.

May 2015: Gram becomes the first ever Turkish company to be introduced at Google i/o. Jonathan Alferness tells our story.

January 2016: Gram launches Merged! The game becomes #1 on the App Store and has over 1M download in a week.

August 2016: Gram launches its newest puzzle game, Six!, which also reaches the #1 spot in the App Store and earns over 2M downloads within a week.

September 2016: Gram launches a new IAP games studio in London, UK.

December 2016: Gram Games launches the 22% Project with a workshop in its Istanbul Office!

January 2017: Gram Games moves into its new, state of the art London Office.

May 2017: Gram holds its first 22% Project Workshop in the new London HQ.

June 2017: Gram launches Bounzy!

June 2017: Gram launches Merge Dragons!, its first IAP title!

August 2017: Gram launches another Merge game - Merge Town!

November 2017: Gram Games expands its Merge! Franchise with Merge Farm!

January 2018: Gram Games introduces it’s innovative puzzle game, Paint Tower!

April 2018: Gram announces the newest member of its Merge! family - Merge Gems!

June 2018: Gram Games becomes a part of the Zynga family!

February 2019: Gram releases 1010! Color!


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