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Publishing Program

The Publishing Program is Gram’s most recent initiative for independent game developers, as well as small studios, who may not have the capabilities to publish on their own. Whether you successfully completed your 2Tons program and would like to move forward with the Publishing Program, or you already have a game that you are interested in publishing, we look forward to hearing from you. Publishing program participation depends on at what stage of development you are in with your title.

Publishing Pathway:

If your title is developed, ready to be published, and you have initial data on its performance (retention and game metrics), you can submit your application to be published directly.

Under the publishing program, developers selected will receive product advice, as well as user acquisition, monetization, and data analytics support. Unlike other publishers, who may solely rely on store featuring, which can limit revenue potential over a game’s lifetime, Gram has used its know-how in performance marketing to effectively become an industry leader in ad-monetized hyper-casual games. This is a unique opportunity to market and monetize your game alongside the best.

If Publishing is the right pathway for your title, please download and review our disclaimer and submit a one minute gameplay video of your title, company website link (if any), and a brief introduction for your team and company (please limit to a few sentences) at and our team will be in touch with you within one week with next steps.

2Tons Pathway:

If your title is not completely developed or developed but you have no data on its performance, we advise that you apply for the 2tons program first (see info on that to the right) Our team can evaluate your title and suggest changes for optimal performance prior to publishing consideration.


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